Tagging multiple objects prevents single object changes.

I’m sure this has been addressed somewhere, but I couldn’t find it…

I’ve started adding buildings (houses) to my local area along with street names and numbers. I thought I’d make my life easier by tracing in the buildings, highlighting them all, adding building=house and addr:street=streetname. Excellent, I thought, that works, now to add the street numbers on an individual level.

I highlighted just one building, added addr:housenumber=1, click the next building, it already has addr:housenumber=1, so I changed it to addr:housenumber=3. Highlight the next building, it has addr:housenumber=3, so I change it to addr:housenumber=5. Check both 1 and 3 and they have now changed to addr:housenumber=5.

So, what am I doing wrong? It would save an awful lot of clicking and typing if I could add bulk tags first and individual tags later.

Thanks for your help!


Please name the editor your using. Potlatch? JOSM? Mercator?

I’m using Potlatch in the browser.

I’m using JOSM and it works as expected with this editor.