Tagging houses, buildings, factory buildings?


Is there any easy way to tag buildings like big houses, factories and farmhouses ?
I have not found any information on the “Map Feature List” how to tag single buildings ( http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Map_Features )

When I click to an already existing house (with potlatch) than the tags of the building are shown as:
[car-symbol] [ (no preset) ]
[ building ] [ yes ]

But I still haven’t succeed to add those tags by my own.

Any idea?



You must add tags manually either by pressing “+” tool in Potlatch or keyboard plus sign. Any value of “building” tag make it to render. In theory building=residential could be rendered in some other way than building=commercial and so on, but usually it is just building=yes. Add name tag if building has some well known name.

Thanks a lot! - It works now!