Tagging for contactless ATMs

A lot of banks have mounted contactless terminals on their ATMs. These terminals allow you to tap you card before withdrawing (or doing any other operation). That way the ATM won’t “eat” your card, the card won’t be skimmed and there is no chance to forget it. Unicredit have made a video about them and how they work.

My question is how should we tag them? From a quick search I found the following tags:
contactless 16 instances in Czech republic
authentication:contactless=yes only 1 instance (Node: 10770122939 | OpenStreetMap)

Following the KISS principle, the contactless would be the better option. Are there any other tags for such ATMs?

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contactless= is ambiguous on whether it is a mistake for payment:contactless= , or “contactless” operation involving hand-sensing “touchless” buttons. Further to the latter, some banks have mobile apps allowing you to withdraw cash with NFC or QR code alone, not needing to control the ATM at all. So that’s not considered yet.
authentifcation:*= is already established in =charging_station , and =bicycle_rental . Excluding =charging_point , it has also been used on 1 =library , and a few barrier= . There’s no need to invent another top-level attribute raw.