Tagging changes affecting Thailand

A proposal was recently made and approved that would change the tagging of certain buildings. The full proposal is here: Proposal. I voted for it because I think it’s a useful change. The reason I’m posting here is so those of you who don’t follow the Tagging discussions become aware of the change and so you can edit your previous work if you so desire.

The important thing to note is that the proposal “discourages” amenity=public_building. There are about 200 instances of this tag in Chiang Mai and about 1200 in Thailand. Not all of them will fit the requirements of office=government so they will need to be edited individually. To see if you have tagged any objects with amenity=public_building you can run an Overpass Turbo query of the form:

amenity=public_building and user:alaskadave in Thailand (substitute your own user name of course)

It also discourages the use of office=administrative. There are about 210 of these in Thailand.

Read the proposal and if you agree with it, you could change your tags. OTOH, you may find it simply too much to bother with. YMMV.