Tagging a way for "Authorized Vehicles Only"

What is the best way of tagging a short way connecting the two sides of an Interstate like this? These are quite common in the OSM map of VT, much rarer in NH.

My real concern is not making keepright happy but preventing routing software from using those passages, marked (in NH) “Authorized Vehicles Only”.


You could use access=private for those ways.

I use access=emergency when tagging on the NYS Thruway. That way if anyone builds a map view that shows emergency access points it will show.
Access=private I use on things like park service ways and private access to commercial buildings.


Modified it here, now tagged:

access = emergency
highway = service
tiger:cfcc = A41
tiger:county = Orange, VT

Just noticed a similar way tagged:

highway = service
service = emergency_access

Will routers avoid it for non-emergency users, or is it better to use the Access=emergency tag?

For what it’s worth KeepRight complained, that is how I found it. But Keepright is certainly not a definitive authority :slight_smile: