Tagging a coastal peninsula or point

I’m still quite new to OSM (I’m excited to have discovered it!), and live in a coastal area with many beaches, points, and peninsulas that aren’t labelled. What’s the best/correct way to tag these latter items on a map, so that they will show up when viewing the map? So far I’ve just been creating a node, tagging it as: natural=coastline name=Example Point.

Pointing to some examples that I could check out would be helpful as well. NB: I’m using the Potlatch editor.


There’s nobody here who can advise me on the correct way to tag coastal peninsulas and points in OSM?

Welcome to OSM.

Well, I didn’t map peninsulas yet and don’t remember an example. According to the Wiki a node or area is drawn and tagged place=locality. There are proposals Geographical Places , peninsula and cape. But they are inactive or rejected.

That’s helpful, thank you. The wiki does note that “The place=locality tag is useful for places that have a specific name, but do not necessarily have any geographic feature that could be used to attach a name tag to. It does not have any population.” Technically speaking a cape or peninsula is a geographic feature, so it doesn’t fit the requirements for this tag entirely, but the suggested examples do include a headland. In the absence of any better suggestions, I’ll adopt the practice of tagging nodes for peninsulas and headlines with place=locality and name=whatsoever.