Tag for UEFA stadium category?

Is there an official tagging sheme for UEFA soccer stadium categories (Wikipedia) or would it make sense to add a new one.
For me it feels like it is a valuable information. Temporarily I added “uefa_stadium_category=4” to a stadium, but I don’t feel like it’s the best way of doing so (too long).

Maybe “stadium_category=” or “uefa_category=” would be better?

What’s your opinion on tagging the UEFA categories in OSM?

This doesn’t seem like something that would be verifiable. Right in the Wikipedia article it says:

I doubt the stadiums would have a plaque mounted outside giving its category, so I don’t see how we could figure out which category a given stadium has been assigned.

It’s not easy to verify but it’s possible. Some soccer clubs include the information in their website and maybe you can ask the other ones politely. The more difficult way is to figure it out yourself by reading the official regulations, which is also available on Wikipedia in an easy to read format.

I mean I understand that it is a little bit too difficult to gather the information for some stadiums, but there are some where it is really easy to find out. (For example by definition all stadiums where a UEFA soccer final took place must be category 4)

IMHO there is a better database that is freely available where all important statiumsshould be included, and where you can verify whether that UEFA category is stored already or not: