Tag for identifying NDSS Pharmacies / Outlets?

Hi all,

I’ve just started getting into the whole OSM thing, and being a Perth resident, I figured I’d put as much detail into places I know. While trying to expand the amount of information on the shops / services that are available at the Whitford City Shopping Centre, I noticed that the pharmacy there is a National Diabetes Subsidy Scheme (NDSS) outlet, meaning that people with insulin-dependent diabetes can go there to get insulin, needles, testing equipment etc. Not all pharmacies in Australia are NDSS outlets.

Anyway, given it’s a “regional” concept (i.e. one that only applies to Australia), I was wondering if there was some “general” tag that could be used to denote an NDSS pharmacy? Alternatively, how does one go about trying to suggest that a boolean “NDSS=yes” style tag be introduced?

hi, this is probably something best asked on the Q & A part as perhaps its more of a general question