Tag Copying

Is there a way to copy tags from a point to a building? I’m finding some points unnecessary as I add buildings to our university, but I don’t want to simply delete the data that they contain as it might be useful to someone. Thanks.

In JOSM: Ctrl-C copy tags from selected object
Shift-Ctrl-V paste tags to selected object.

If you are using a Mac the key combinations for JOSM are a little different than chris66 listed, use the Apple key instead of the control key. (Confusingly, many other copy paste operations on JOSM on the Mac use the control key.)

I will generally include the original point/node in the way. I move it to where one of the vertices of the building way will be then use it as a starting point for drawing the building. When done I copy the tags per chris66’s method and put them on the building. Finally I remove the tags from the node.

The reason I do it this way is in the hope that the editing history might show where the tags came from. Not positive it helps but I don’t think it can hurt.


For Potlatch 2 see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Potlatch_2/Shortcuts (noted under key R) - not that comfortable as in JOSM, but at least there is a way to do it.