Tag `collection_times` for parcel lockers with `parcel_mail_in=yes`?

Do you think it is correct to tag collection_times on parcel lockers (amenity=parcel_locker) with parcel_mail_in=yes? It is currently not suggested in either of those wiki pages and not used according to Taginfo.

But I think it makes sense to tag the collection times if they are signed. If it is deemed okay in this forum thread, how should I proceed?

  • Start a proposal to make this official?
  • Edit the wiki page directly?
  • Start using the tag combination?

By the way, if it is accepted, I’ll also suggest to add the tag combination amenity=parcel_locker and parcel_mail_in=yes to StreetComplete’s “What are the pickup times of this collection box?” quest, which is currently only asked for amenity=post_box.


Yes, it is fine - just start using, and feel fee to mention it at wiki that if signed then tagging this is fine

Proposal is NOT needed here.

note that it may apply only to some countries or operators, AFAIK it is not signed in Poland.