Tag:-Average Travelling Speed in OSM maps?

Does OSM provide information about how to get Average Travelling Speed for each link/road? I know OSM provide tag:- Maxspeed, but **Maxspeed **cannot be used for routing applications because for countries like India the maxspeed and the speed with which traffic moves is off mark. I have seen in OSM wiki that maxspeed:practical is not used even though proposed.

So, does OSM provide any tag for this type of feature?
If not, then do they plan to introduce anything like that?
Any help in this direction would be helpful.

It’s not exactly what you’re asking, but there are a few maxspeed:practical in use: https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/search?q=maxspeed%3Apractical .

That’s not something that can realistically be determined in a crowd sourced map. As it will depend on time of day, weather, etc., it would require people to survey the road for en extended period of time. You just aren’t going to get enough people interested in doing that to get more than token coverage. If you picked a single figure, it would be very difficult to verify; OSM parameters should be such that all mappers should come up with the same value.

The only way an OSM data based routing program could make use of such information would be if it derived it algorithmically from information like number of lanes. However coverage of those parameters is also very patchy. Even legal maximum speed coverage is patchy.

Also, on many residential roads the average travelling speed in the evening might be as much as twice the legal maximum. Would your really want to route based on that? (During the school run, it might be close to walking pace.)

Just start using it. Other people may then follow, but that might take a few years.
A few years ago, my patch for including the “smoothness” tag in JOSM was rejected for ideological reasons (“cannot be determined objectively”), but now there is a preset. Do not let others discourage you.