Table tennis table not rendered

The default map style does not show points correctly tagged as ‘table tennis table’. For example, here are 2 tables, but you won’t see them: OpenStreetMap

But you will see mini golf rendered there. Quite a niche activity, don’t you think?

Tag description is here: Tag:sport=table_tennis - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I map tennis courts not what’s cadered by the white lines but including the total running area. You could do similar with ping pong. There’s a recent discussion on a new sport called teqball. Didn’t know how it was decided to map that, quick peek, some mapped as the play field rather than the table which is ping pong size, the field of play in practise is like 15x10 meters if not larger.

Anyway, the constant QA whine got me to map chess and draught benches (board fixed to centre, players sit at ends) in the Atri park as an area. Artificial-problem solved.

The wiki does say you may map table tennis as an area too, I’d go for the field of play.

" As a closed way placed on the outside edge of the tennis table or group of tables. Add the tags leisure=pitch + sport=table_tennis."

I say it’s a bug in the renderer. Wiki says: ’ How to map? As a node placed in the centre of the tennis table or group of tables’. I put a node and get nothing.

I will even go further: it makes no sense to speak of a ‘pitch’ of table tennis and tagging using an area is incorrect and should not be supported (iD should show a warning if you use an area or way).

Because in reality, there is no such thing as area designated to play table tennis. This is not football or tennis. It’s more like a chess board or amenity=bench. If you look around a table for table tennis, you won’t see any lines, no paint markings, not even bleached grass or moved gravel, suggesting where is some ‘area’. Any mapping as a way or area would be detached from reality and incorrect.

See the text in Table tennis - Wikipedia and the photos there. Official game rules talk of minimum size of ‘playing space’. There are no such things as borders, lines, or even shape (games like football require a rectangular space).

Any thoughts?

The default map style doesn’t show quite a lot of things. Part of that is deliberate - a map that showed everything would be a complete mess, but part of that is because support for “new features” is quite slow. The issues list for the default style is here - as you can see, there hasn’t been a direct request to show table tennis tables.

There are maps that show table tennis tables - here’s one I made earlier, but that doesn’t cover Poland. Perhaps someone can suggest one that does?


In uMap you can fetch data live from Overpass. This way the map works everywhere and is always auto-updated. Here’s a 5 minute version I made:


The Mapcomplete sports editor shows them.