Synchronizing language versions of a page


while tagging a given feature I thought it would be a good idea to first check the various language wiki pages for that feature and synchronize them.
Therefore the proper tagging would be more clear and errors could be avoided from the beginning.

I think of this:

  1. Merge content from Non-English pages into the English page.
  2. Merge new content from the updated English page to my own languages page.
  3. Observers of the other language pages would automatically be notified by the wiki and can then update their pages also.

Would that be a proper way to go or does every single page change have to be discussed first in the Users:$language wiki?

Thanks in advance,


Sounds good!

If I am not wrong, there is a feature for the wikipedia wiki that allows better translation of wiki page content … but I can give you no link to that now. maybe on

Well, what’s missing is the part where we find out which page is right in the case of differences. If you are familiar with the state of the community discourse regarding some topic, you might be able to do that yourself, but usually that’s where the discussion comes in.