Sydney AU file question

Hi, I’m new to this and just had a quick question.

I downloaded a Sydney map a few days ago for a Garmin Edge 520, the map file was around 9mb and the name was 63243012.img. I did it again today to add in another area and the Sydney file alone is now about 14mb and 63440938.img. The maps do look different when loaded and I can’t generate the smaller map file again. Mostly out of curiosity would this be due to an updated map in the last couple of days? or have I done something funny?

Answers greatly appreciated, thanks.

You have probably downloaded it from ?
I guess you have dowloaded only the selected tiles from the left column. Those tiles don’t contain any style or routing data.
You better use the link “Request your map or download it directly”
Fill in your e-mail address in case there is no download link provided (if the map is already generated)

Thanks for the quick response!

It was downloaded by the e-mail link on both occasions; - small file size - large file size

both only Sydney AU selected. I’ve tried selecting them again and can never get back the small file like in the link.

The first link is the generic map.
The second link the cycle map version (openfietsmap light). Both are different in size and looks.
The download links are only available a few days, so you should make a new request for the generic map.

Thanks, that sounds like it, as I’m using the Garmin cycle computer I’ll stick with the larger cycle map (even though the 520 has no routing). I really appreciate you satisfying my curiosity on this! It’s a very impressive site.