Switzerland/HikingNetwork relations

Hello all

I’ve been doing some work on cycle routes around Thun, and would also like to work on the local hiking routes.

For the national and regional routes, I think we should consider splitting the relations into sub-relations, each corresponding to a stage/etappe on the wanderland.ch website. Each route has its own parent relation that has each stage’s relation as a child member.

This has been done to good effect with the Swiss cycle network..

What do you think?


Hi Wayne,

I wouldn’t care too much about the stages proposed by Swissmobile. It is not something that is really part of the route (and only indirectly signed, so no on-the-ground-information), If you find the routes hard to handle, just split them at a point where it makes sense. In any case, I would create relations that are much longer than the stages proposed by Swissmobile, otherwise you end up with too many sub-relations. Splitting regional relations is most probably not worth it, I have not yet seen any that is longer than 100km.