Switch maps in BaseCamp?

I’d like to easily switch from one map to another in BaseCamp, rather than having to uninstall the old map and run openfietsmap_lite_windows.exe to reinstall a new one. I tried renaming the directory in which the current openfietsmap was installed, then renaming another directory to that original name. The other directory contained the already-extracted .img files, etc. from a previous install. However when I started BaseCamp I got a message that there was a problem. Is there some other workaround that would avoid having to uninstall/extract&reinstall maps in order to switch?

Just renaming the directory is not possible with Basecamp, it stores the information in the Windows registry. You need to use a tool to do this, like http://www.javawa.nl/gmtk_en.html.

Yes, javawa does just what I want - thanks.