Swiss OpenStreetMap Association (founding meeting) / GEOsummit

We will be founding a Swiss OpenStreetMap Association next week in Berne. If you would like to participate in the association board or just want to belong to the first members please feel free to come. We would really appreciate participation from the French and Italian speaking parts of the Swiss OSM community. If somebody can’t make the actual meeting we may be able to arrange participation via skype or irc.

Current plan is to meet over lunch:

Date Wednesday June 20th
Meeting point  12:45 main entrance Bernexpo

We have a limited number of free exhibition entrance tickets available that will be available on a first come first serve base to members of
the community that want to participate in the meeting. If you want to come, please add your name here:

On Wednesday morning there will be a conference track that is open to visitors of the exhibition see (GEOExpo-Track), if you want to attend any of the presentations send a mail to my OSM account by Thursday and I’ll send you the ticket per mail, otherwise we will distribute the tickets when we meet for lunch.


Good morning.

I live usually in canton Vaud (Bex, french speaking part of our country) but I am currently working in Bosnia. I can’t make it to the meeting, but I would like to become a member and to pay a contribution. I would need an exact time for the skype video conference (we could also use gtalk, as far as I am concerned).


Is in the works, I’ll be posting the info sometime on Monday or Tuesday, best guess time around 13:00.



Eigentlich würde ich ja sehr gerne dabei sein… Kann aber leider bei mir im Geschäft nicht frei nehmen… tja… ich wünsche aber allen viel Vergnügen.

The details of the meet up are now on the wiki page:

Die Gründung ist jetzt erfolgt, mehr dazu auf