Swiss Flag and Red Cross confusion

Using the great OSM maps over the last years, I remarked recently a confusion of the Red Cross Sign (used on medical institutions in OSM) and the Swiss Flag. When travelling around the world, the Swiss Flag (red ground, white cross on it) is often used in health care contexts instead of the Red Cross (white ground, red cross on it).

The problem is nicely described in this publication by Ph. Stahel, 2013:

I think that changing the sign of the hospitals, doctors and pharmacies on the OSM would make sense, to not further support this common confusion.

Sorry if the topic is at the wrong place in this forum and sorry if this topic has already been risen earlier, without me noticing. :slight_smile:

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Hi, this was deliberate decision to avoid using Red Cross, because we’ve heard that they are very protective and we wanted to use red for healthcare instead of pink.

Hi Kocio

Ok, Thank you for reply. I can see that this has already been discussed before. Still I think that replacing (“inversing”) the sign would be useful. But I certainly understand the problem of protectivity by the red cross (although it does not really make sense for them to protect their own sign, does it?)

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I think it does make sense: in a war zone sometimes the only thing standing between a doctor and a bullet in the head, or a starving child and a sack of rice and oil, is the Red Cross emblem.

It needs to be protected vigorously from every mental association other than of the Red Cross Societies themselves. Tbh, it’s about the only brand I think deserves it.

Of course, very often the emblem is useless against bombs and bullets - but let’s keep the margin of safety as wide as we possibly can. I don’t mind a bit of map interpretation in return.