Swedish tracks from german trainspotter are welcome?

Hi OSM-Friends,
I will be in 4 weeks with a group of photographers for several days in Sweden in order to photograph trains. We will do our camp in Västervik and made from there several tours in the near and further surroundings (Västervik-Hultsfred HWJ an Museum Nässjö, perhaps Hectorrail-Depot Hallsberg…). It is possible that I travel with an GPS-receiver (Garmin GPSMap76S) to record the tracks and give it to your community. Do you need this?

Best regards from germany


Västervik and suroundings isn’t well mapped at all so we sure can use some data, we always need track logs! Your GPS unit can store about 10000 points I have no idea how long that would last you. Do you know?

Further if you can it would really help with some pictures along those GPS tracks aw well, of e.g. road quality and street names, Museum names. Don’t over do it… :wink:

I will do my very best for the project but our primary goal is to take pictures of Swedish railways. Some members of our group will traveling by car from Dresden via ferry to denmark und via Öresundbridge to sweden and then to Västervik. They starts at 6 in the morning on 06/26 and I hope they will arriving Västervik at 8 in the evening. When I get a second GPS-unit I take it into this car because the guys will stopping on every railwaystation :slight_smile:
I’m take the plane to Stockholm and use a car from there to Västervik. I have my GPS-unit “on board” and I planning to use NOT the primary roads because I will take some pictures. On friday the 06/27 our group splits into two units. One group is going to Hallsberg and the other group goes to Nässjö. On Saturday the 06/28 we rent a individual train (“Rälsbus”) at the HWJ narrow-gauge-railway from Västervik to Hultsfred and I take the GPS-unit into the cockpit of the train. On Sunday we returning to germany at different ways.

This is the plan :slight_smile: I take a Notebook with me so I can save the gpx-files from the units for later using and transfer to your group.

Best regards

Do you fly into Skavsta or Arlanda? Skavsta is on the “right side” of Stockholm for travelling to Västervik, that’s why I’m asking.

I’m glad you have a laptop. Have you tried JOSM? It’s a great way to see all your photos on Openstreetmap data. I’m guessing the Västervik-Hultsfred area should fit quite nicely into. Now I’ve been travelling as well and you almost never have time to do proper mapping… But as long as you take photos you can always let someone else do the tagging, because it’s easy todo when you have both photos, GPX logs and JOSM. :slight_smile:

We must take the plane to Arlanda because the airline have only this target in sweden :frowning:
I’m using JOSM too, it is no problem to give you the GPX-tracks after my returning to germany. And pictures…we are in sweden to made photos :slight_smile:

Dor Sachse