Suspicious edits made by a Russian user


I recently discovered the user assenizator who is a member of OSM since the 22nd of October 2018. But he has more than 4000 (!) edits done so far. For me this looks like an automated edit and all of his edits are of really low quality and I have no clue at all what he wants to do with this data… For example he created a landuse=farmland as a line (not as an area as it should be) and he does constantly add new nodes to it, which makes no sense at all to me. This specific farmland just received its 148th edit :frowning:
Here is the link to the changeset which I just commented:
It seems like I would be the first person to contact him as you can see on
I also wrote him a personal message yesterday and he also replied very fast saying that it would be no automated edit but I don’t think I can believe this as he opens a new changeset nearly every hour…
He is also a recipient of OsmAnd’s Live program ( this is also how I found this user as he is the first person on the list with far more than 4000 edits…

It would be nice if somebody else could tell me what we should do next in order to prevent all those low-quality-edits

Thank you for your response,

It seems like they’re just mapping this one farmland object very slowly over the course of a significant number of changesets. The page describing OsmAnd Live doesn’t sufficiently explain what it is, but it seems to have something to do with earning Bitcoin. I wonder if this user is trying to game the system to get more Bitcoin? Maybe OsmAnd can remove this user from the list/leaderboard?

In the linked changeset there’s this comment:

“This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changesets 64027156, 64027404, 64026730 where the changeset comment is: Revert edits made to game osmand live”

That means that these changes have been undone (actually by a Data Working Group member). The user concerned was already known to the DWG via this and other user names.

  • Andy (from the DWG)

Ah, OK! But there are also some edits which are not yet reverted:
In the changeset he also complains about the “vandalism of woodpeck” so it seems like he thinks that he did nothing wrong… But I just saw that he is blocked for 10 years now: (probably it lasts only until he creates the next account…)

and what is so wrong I am doing contributing data on(per? from? use) satellite and aerial imagery and my own research?

In case you didn’t know:

i am waiting for an answer on the substance of the question i have asked(and what is so wrong i am doing contributing data with use satellite and aerial imagery and my own research?), and not the formal reply with links to any garbage(anything unrelated to the question).

it was the first. and secondly, this account was created to enable responses to the forum.

in the third - blocking my main account(not assenizator) is wrongful. and blocking an account assenizator for this reason - “Blocked for abusing OSM to game points at “OsmAnd Live””(, is also wrongful.

Please discuss this matter directly with the Data Working Group (DWG). We cannot help you here.

Yes, but there is a cap at about 5-10$ per month, so I don’t think somebody will spend hours only for that.

Presumably the same user has returned as “maus (snekin)”: Same pattern, 4740 changesets in 13 days, hitting regions only with good OSM Live subscription and achieving rank 1 in every one.

Have you tried reporting him/her to OSMand and/or DWG?