Survey on Women participation in OpenStreetMap : Perspectives of all Genders

What you described is part of what I mean by outreach and I thank you for doing it :smiley:


Just an FYI, another good read is White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh. Although it mainly deals with race, but I think it’s also pertinent to gender issues and how privilege, or lack of it, plays into why certain groups are under represented in projects like OpenStreetMap. I know I’ve seen the dynamic she talks about play out in OpenStreetMap many times myself over the years. Although I’ll save the “mansplaining” about it for another time :wink:

I do recommend people who are resistant to any suggestion that discrimination exists in OpenStreetMap read the essay though and take the idea of the invisible knapsack to heart. Discrimination is never as simple as blatant acts by individuals. It’s usually, or always, an invisible system of oppression that privileges certain groups (mainly white European males) over others. Anyway, I said I wasn’t going to “mansplain” about it or whatever. So I’ll leave it at that.

(darn my white male privilege that makes me always want to go on patronizing side tangents in every discussion, Darn it to heck!)


Hi Benedicta, some of the participants in this topic have expressed their interest in the result of the survey you initiated a year ago, including myself. That is why I would be very much interested if the survey has generated some deeper insight into this issue and if it gave a better understanding of the gender related difference in OSM participation so far and/or any ideas for future improvement.

The survey has been closed since long and I have no idea if there is some place where to check for the outcome.

Regards, Mikke


Hello, everyone. I appreciate your interest in the survey results and I apologize for the delay in sending an update. In the interim, you may view the results here. I am currently working on summarizing the findings, which will be published in an OSM diary entry soon. I really appreciate your patience. Thank you.