Survey for OpenRefine users / OpenRefine for OSM

Hi all,

I’m Sandra, a Wikimedian who also occasionally contributes to OSM. I also work for OpenRefine (, open source software which is used for manipulating and cleaning large datasets.

I often hear that OpenRefine is being used in the OpenStreetMap community. We are currently running our two-yearly user survey, and we are keen to hear how you use the software, and what improvements you would like to see. If you are indeed an OpenRefine user (for OSM related tasks, or otherwise), we’d love to hear your input via our survey: (the survey will close around May 20, 2022).

In general, I am curious to hear about the way you use OpenRefine via this forum in general too. How do you use it for OSM-related tasks? Are there any features inside OpenRefine that you are missing and that would be particularly helpful?

All the best,