Suggestion - Potlach: Show ONLY my traces option

apologies if this should be targeted directly at the Potlach developers but as Potlach is such an integral part of the OSM site i thought i would mention it here…!

i recently uploaded some tracks for st ives, cornwall but when i came to add the roads it was impossible to tell which were mine and which were other users uploads - i think there are some more roads that should be added but i honestly cannot tell if they are my tracks which i KNOW are roads or if they are others users tracks from footpaths etc etc.

if there was an option to show only my tracks OR to show my tracks in a different colour it would make it much easier, especially in busy places.


Shift+G or Shift + click on the gps traces button shows only your traces. Documented here:

cheers alv - must have missed that :smiley: