Suggestion for a tool to improve map quality

I have been testing the routing maps from mkgmap which is working quite well.

I recent had an issue where the GPS would just suddenly say it cannot route but a few minutes down the road would work again.
Eventually I tracked it down to a large freeway interchange where the ways where not connected but they look like they where.

As the nodes where not in the same location, mapnik did not pick it up as a problem so they are difficult to find and spending a while in the area I found a few more.

What I am suggesting is a method to highlight the last node in a way.
This will show up all the no through roads but also the problem I found as you would not expect a no though road on a freeway.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

I find the validation tool here: is pretty good at highlighting where a way ends very close (but not joined to) another way. Is that the sort of thing you were thinking of?

Did you have a look at This site checks the following common errors:
non-closed areas
dead-ended one-ways
deprecated tags
missing tags
motorways without ref
places of worship without religion
point of interest without name
ways without nodes
floating islands
railway crossings without tag
wrong used railway crossing tag
fixme-tagged items
relations without type
intersections without junctions

Yes, that is the the thing I am after but looks like it has no data for Australia or there are no problem.

have you ever tried the OSM editor called JOSM? Have a look at the OSM wiki for more information if you are not familiar with this java application.

In josm you have some plug-in modules, one of them is the “validator”. This module can find a lot of errors in the osm data you dowloaded from any corner of the world.

Please tell us your experience with that tool, or ask for further help.

I open up the img file in MapEdit, use the Generate Routing Graph command, and then you can easily see the nodes, in addition you can test it with the routing function. Then you have to go back to potlatch or JOSM to make the change. JOSM needs routing tools similar to Mapedit.

I want to be able to browse Australia to look for the problems and downloading the data into josm/mapedit is not suitible ( I do use both for various tasks).
The keepright output is perfect so I am trying to contact the owner to see if it can be included or if he can can provide the code to run a Australian server myself but I am having problems working out his email address.


Have a look at “Waycheck” or “Quality Assurance” in the OSM wiki. There are lots of checks that can be done to improve routing. More errors than in keepright. If you want some checks to be run please get in direct contact with me. User Gary68 in the wiki.

It helps to know that is where his mailbox is, according to his description in the last line at :slight_smile:

Since he went to the trouble of masking his address, most likely to prevent bots getting it, I won’t copy it here.

I did eventually work out his email address and with his help I have and Australian one up now which I just posted in