Suggested Goal!


I’ve being looking around the world on OSM and noticed that we (Israel) did a pretty good job on the data we add.
My suggested goal for Israel is to get enough data to match with holland (the most mapped country on OSM, in my opinion). That includes adding landus for empty areas and adding buildings in cities and town. making Israel the best country mapped in OSM. (that would be easy, cause we have a small country). We are gonna have to work every week on every city separately.

Who’s with me?
(Yah… I’m too optimistic)


Very optimistic… we should add goals that are reachable.
Holland was not mapped this detailed it got one of the biggest imports at osm. A professional mapping company provided all their data to osm.

So the comparing is really hard.

Beside that we are not organized enough to reach this level. There are still missing roads in big citys and im not even talking about streetnames that are missing in almost every city.

We should really first take care of those problems before starting the big comparing between countries :wink:

We’ll Try our best untill 2013, then we can compare. “Yes We Can”… :laughing:


But what we could do is really going city by city and try to get the highest level of definition done.

We could start working together on a specific goal.
Currently everybody is getting things done by himself.

**Suggestion: **

Lets start with Haifa and define the goals…

  1. find all missing streets and add them to OSM.
  2. add all streetnames in English, Hebrew and Arabic
  3. define all neighborhoods correctly (I have started it but never finished).
    [4. add all buildings (-no housenumberings) for the area visible in Bing.]*
  4. publish a kind of press release that all streets and buildings are existing in Haifa.

Eric22 is already active in Haifa at the moment.

  • Not all Haifa is covered by Bing. And adding buildings takes a lot of time.
    Our goal should not reach the sky but leave something for the local mappers.

So that means that everyone should focus on Haifa. right?

By the way I added a lot of details in the high-tech area of Rehovot and Bilu Center.

I doesnt have a problem to focus on another city.
Haifa is simply a important city that is missing a lot due to missing sat images.
But we should work together and assign people a specific part of the city. So we would know that every part has been checked.
And we should try to do it together. Maybe a mapping night… ?