Suddenly no more maps displayed on my site - Joomla.

I’ve been using OpenStreetMap in a component of Joomla (SP Property from Joomshaper), and it was working perfectly, to display the location of houses, with latitude and longitude.
Suddenly, I have no more maps. The token is good, and I’m far from exeeding the maximum number of free requests.
Any idea ?

Are you sure you’re asking in the right place? Tiles provided by OSM don’t use tokens, but they do have limits. Same with other providers that DO use tokens. Are you, perhaps, using something from OpenCycleMap? MapBox?

People here try to be helpful, even when it’s off-topic, but you first, details please. Tile URL?

Yes, it’s with Mapbox. But, as it’s using OpenStreetMap, I thought it was a good forum for this problem.
OK. I ask this question on their forum also.
Thanks for answering.

If your local dealer won’t sell you smart phones any more you call Samsung for help?! :slight_smile:

Check the console of your webbrowser (F12 with Firefox) and reload the page in question. This might give you a hint what went wrong. In any case you need to contact the provider of the map and ask why they won’t sell you smart phones map tiles any more. :wink:

No : Huawei.:slight_smile:
F12 doesn’t help me at all (I’m not a coder), and MapBox doesn’t answer.
I carry on investigating.

Is your problem online? Can you post a link to your website?

Last minute : My Joomla component can work with Google maps or OpenStreetMap in Mapbox.
So I switched to Google maps, and then back to OpenstreetMap : it works again !

So, I don’t know why, but problem solved. Thanks for your answers.