Substring wildcard declaration for relations ?

Is it possible to declare a wildcard statement in OSM relations to enable any substring references that start with eg. “GR” to be true (ie GR1, GR2, GR5) .

type=route & route=hiking & ref=GR* { apply {add my_tagGR=yes} } does not work.

Any ideas>

in what kind of software are you working?

Sounds like a mkgmap style rule. I think
type=route & route=hiking & ref ~‘GR.*’ {apply { add my_tagGR=yes }}
should work

Great csdf, this indeed solves the problem. Interesting you have to add the dot (.) after the string!

It is a normal regular expression way. Dot means “any character” and * means “zero or more times”. Your original expression should find strings “GR”, “GRR”, GRRR", “GRRRR” etc.

Thanks for that very useful info, JRA.
So different from dos :wink: