submersible bridges... how to tag them???

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I have a problem on what the proper way to proceed is, regarding tagging of two submersible bridges at Corinthos canal, greece.

As I see at the wiki, submersible is not an acceptable value for the bridge tag (and of course it does not seem to render correctly)

The most simple solution I can see, is taging them with the generic “bridge=yes”, but…

the way these movable bridges work can be seen at

maybe it is kind of an overkill to add support for a new tag for two bridges in the whole world (I did not manage to find information of any other, I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong here).

Temporarily I’ve tagged one one them as submersible ( and left the second with the generic bridge=yes (

I’d be thankful for your opinion on how I should proceed… :slight_smile:

bridge=submersible looks fine to me.

thank you very much for your reply :slight_smile:

the fact that this does not seem to be a documented value, shouldn’t stop me from me from using it?

I’m afraid I might end up creating more problems than I should :roll_eyes:

Not all tags are documented on the Wiki. Some are just used and if more people use them then there will eventually be a wiki page.
Taginfo is another place to look for actually used tags.bridge=submersible is used twice so it will probably not be supported by any renderer but thats no problem.

Thank you Theodin, I’ll change the other bridge to :slight_smile:
I believe that the two bridge=submersible tags shown in taginfo are the ones I created (each bridge is consisted by two different ways, one for each direction, seperated by a footpath.)

It might also be worth considering bridge:movable=submersible. The bridge:movable key is part of the approved proposal “Bridge types”. Although “submersible” is not one of the values listed there, it would be a good fit for a key that describes the mechanism of moving the bridge, imo.

That’s seems the right way to extend the proposal.

In JOSM bridge=movable are rendered as bridge=no :frowning: