Streets outside the administrative boundary marked as pert of the city

I have started to use OSMAnd on my Android phone which is a great application, but realized, that it can not find a lot of streets in Budapest:Hungary.

After some investigation it turned out that it is because these streets are treated as parts of the neighboring cities :frowning:

After some disucussion on the Hungarian OpenStreet google group the conclusion was that according to the experience there every data is filled in correctly.

The case is that there is a city called BudakalĂĄsz:

which is defined as a point with all the needded attributes (at least as far as we can see it).

In addition there is an administrative border, which defines exactly the borders of the city + it has the city point included in the relation as a label.

If you search on for example to “Kadosa utca” you get the result:

Kadosa utca, RĂłmaifĂŒrdƑ, III. kerĂŒlet, BudakalĂĄsz, Budapest, Central Hungary, KözĂ©p-MagyarorszĂĄg, MagyarorszĂĄg

however Kadosa utca is in Budapest and in no case in BudakalĂĄsz.

According to the WiKi, if there is an administrative border, then that is used to determine where the streets belong.

Does anybody have some suggestion how this could be corrected?

Hello Laco

From OSM point of view that’s correct and Osm Nominatim search for administrative border but OsmAnd doesn’t do it. You can certainly see that from OsmAnd point of view it requires a lot of extra work to define all streets for administrative border and possibly it will be done in future for OsmAnd. That problem is common for projects that are not focused only on address data. From developer point of view address data is ugly designed in osm. However there are practices that simplify developer life. That’s address relations and OsmAnd supports it. Address relations (a3 - city, a6 - house) solves many problems :

  1. Combine different part of ways into 1 street (part of streets could have different tag name).
  2. Allows for one building has many addresses (if the building stays at street intersection it could have address from both streets and could be the same).
  3. Relations also do correspondance for city label and city border.

Thank you for the answer!

I thought that OsmAnd is using the Osm Nominatim search to get the map data and therefore I think that Osm Nominatim should use the administrative borders even if I am asking for the streets belonging to the city and not the administrative border.

Anyway I like very much OsmAnd so I will look into the possibility to add address relations to Budapest streets (which solves most of my navigation problems).