streets as borderline with 2 names

Hi, in Belgium, there are often streets which are the borderline of 2 municipalities, and each municipality has given then a ‘separate name’ to that particular street(fraction).
When rendered on OSM, it looks like this ;

in JOSM, one has then to name that street(fraction) with those 2 names as streetname, and also with ‘(street)name:left’ a name, and ‘(street)name:right’ a name … ;

is it not possible to render it like this, each name on the side of the street where it belongs, and one has then to tag that street only with ‘name:left’ and ‘name:right’ , and not anymore those 2 names together ? ;

You could make an issue at the Github site where the main style is maintained. I didn’t find any similar questions.

There are about 25.000 uses on the map according to Taginfo:

Be sure to include the screenshots; better would be to make an example of what it should look like on a few carto tiles.

And of course, chances are better that it will get included if you somehow manage to write the code to do this and make a pull request.

ok, i made an ‘issue’ at Github ;