Streets as area

Dear OSM Friends from Belgium,

it is surprise for me but my proposal:
is already over 15.000 times used in the map and in 5 languages avaiable. See:

The russian OSM community did more and has already prepared a special map which shows streets as areas in highest zoom level:

I discuss with some guys responsible for mapnik about implementation of this feature on the main OSM page. Of course, you can map it only, if you have aerial images in very good resolution. An example cold be this:

With summer regards,

I’ll cross post to the Belgian mailing list to reach a larger audience.

It would be nice to have a JOSM style that supports this way of tagging.
The way you mention in your post do not have any tags at all. Pretty bad for an example :slight_smile:

I have some more questions / remarks on the proposal:

  1. How do I indicate the different areas like “road area passable”, “special area (taxi bus)” etc ? (see also 6)
  2. the legend by the image for logical connection points is wrong IMHO. The red lines are the middle of the road, not the blue ones.
  3. there are no black points in that image
  4. the lane types for point K. How do I indicate the none, solid_line, giveway_line, or any country specific line ?
  5. I have problems with the other lane dividers as well. To use that properly I might have to draw separate areas for each lane. I prefer to use the change:lane tags for that which serve the same purpose. I could see a use for the lines along the border of the road which are not covered by the change lane tags
  6. it would be nice to have a “simple” example of all the tags that go on the polygon and all the tags that go on the way.
  7. You write “The existing approach of highway=*, area=yes” Where is this documented ? Not under highway AFAIK.

I do see the need to have something like this, but there are too many questions before I can start applying it.

Hello Escada,
answers below:

1.) How do I indicate the different areas like “road area passable”, “special area (taxi bus)” etc ? (see also 6)
→ additionally to area:highway acces=*
2.) My fault, alredy corrected.
3.) Corrected
4.) See modified page:
5.) Removed. For tagging of such lines see:
6.) True, I will do it.
7.) See this:
more and more user misuse exisiting possibility to render streets as area, especially service roads. This is one of reasens for this proposal.

Question of JOSM style: absolutely. We should post this idea in JOSM Subforum.

Thanks a lot for clarifying some of the issue and taking action on the other points. I’ll give it a try soon.

Cool, thanks!
What I learn fro such mapping is (excuse moi) you have to map damn exactly.
You see every piece of shit which is not precisely mapped, especially parallelity of elements :wink:

The polish mappers have now a nwe layer with street as area.
Two examples:

Please wait a while for complete rendering, the server is slowly.

As soon as someone tells me: yes this will be used in the future. I can start mapping. I’d prefer not to do it earlier.
I’d LOVE to use it though :slight_smile: