Streetnames in Italy

Helo everybody

Since we were planing our next vacation in Italy Sicilia I browsed around the island in Openstreetmap and found out, that our data is very poor instead of Google Maps and Apple Maps, so I started to draw all the little roads from satelite pictures.
I started in Trappeto.
All the streets in town are just “unclassified” without name or one-way.
Does anyone know, if there is an opendatatool or something like that, from where I can take at least streetnames?

Thanks for your help!


Link to Trappeto

You could try the Italian forum or the Sicily mailing list if you do not get an answer here in the Q&A section. Also available is a mailing list for Italy,, in case there is no response on the Sicily one.
If you don’t speak Italian: do not mind, users from other countries should be happy to answer you in English if you’re helping them to map their country.