StreetComplete v6.0

StreetComplete v6.0 has just been released :smiley:

Available on Google Play (now) and F-Droid (soon)
more info on Github:

New Quests:

  • Add building type: “What was this building constructed as?” (#25, #774, #1092)

  • Add path surface: “What surface does this path have here?” (#133)

  • Add one-way road: “Is this a one-way street?” (#370)

Enhanced Quests:

  • House numbers: Can now answer that the building has no house number (#351)

  • Parking type, fee and access: Include relations in search for parking areas (#1033)

  • Add road surface: Show different surfaces initially for different types of roads, e.g. for tracks more unpaved surfaces

  • Add cycleway: Now understands bicycle=use_sidepath and will not show the cycleway quest in that case (#1084, #1087)

  • Wheelchair access: Added internet cafes, theatres and casinos (#1086)

  • Bicycle parking: Clearer wording (#1038)

Small Enhancements and Fixes:

  • split up English into US-English and UK-English

  • Update privacy statement

  • Add confirmation dialogue on resetting quest enablement to default (#1095)

  • Make background of compass needle not flicker any more (#1057)

  • Cursor does not jump to the start of the input any more when pressing [abc]-button in house number quest (#1093)

  • Correct wording in mark completed construction quest

Very useful application.
Can be added support to record (tracking) and add tracks as lines (roads, fooths paths…)?