StreetComplete v4.0

StreetComplete v4.0 has just been released.

Available on Google Play and F-Droid (later this week :roll_eyes:)
more info on Github:


  • Add a note anywhere, like on but you can also attach a photo (#732)

  • New simple map style that shows only what is important for surveyors (#183)

More Features:

  • Added unsynced changes counter, click to upload changes manually (#75)

  • Immediately open next quest for same element after answering (#164)

  • Unglue map while quest details or note input form is shown (#795)

New Quests:

  • Internet connection: “What kind of internet connection does … offer?” (#784)

  • Religion of place of worship: “What religion is practised at …?” (#777)

  • Religion of shrine: “What religion is represented at this shrine?” (#799)

  • Parking fee: “Does it cost a fee to park here?” (#825)

  • Parking access: “Is it restricted who may park here?” (#839)

  • Bench backrest: “Does this bench have a backrest?” (#830)

  • Bridge structure: “What is the structure of this bridge?” (#709)

  • Wheelchair toilet access: “Are these toilets wheelchair accessible?”


  • Remove Malayalam (not updated anymore) and add Norwegian Nynorsk

Enhanced Quests

Cycleway Quest:

Tactile Pavings Quests:

Max Speed quest:

  • Clearer English wording when asking if the road is in or out of town (#757)

  • Still disabled for the US (#813)

Street surface quest:

  • Improve street surface quest UI (#76)

  • Clearer wording for pedestrian streets (#862)

  • Add “metal” as answer option (#568)

  • tag either sett or unhewn_cobblestone, not cobblestone

Road name quest:

  • Clearer UI flow when answering the road has no name (#756)

  • Clearer OSM changeset comment message (#158)

  • Clearer wording for pedestrian streets (#862)

Bus stop shelter quest:

  • Only show for actual bus and tram stops, clearer wording (#806)

Vegetarian quest:

  • Clearer English wording (#883)

Parking fee quest:

  • Able to select the times where the fee applies / does not apply (#848)