Street with stairs on sidewalks, road does not contain sidewalks.

Today I visited
Calle del Blandón 28024 Madrid

The left sidewalk of this street contains steps (the road is not a stair, it allows cars). The sidewalk is not mapped separately since it is very narrow (60-70 cm; “wide” for this neighbourhood standards, but still narrow).

Do you think I have to map the sidewalk separately to mark the steps? A wheelchair can’t go up these steps…

If I map the steps separately, what do you think is better:
a) map both sidewalks as separate lines.
b) map the left sidewalk as a stair and add “sidewalk=right” to the street.

Thank you!

I cannot find anything with taginfo under sidewalk:left that indicates steps. Of course you could use sidewalk:left:wheelchair=no
So perhaps it is better to map it as a separate way in this case.
I would map both sides as separate ways, but that might just my personal preference in this case.