Street numbers not working in search?

I am new to this app and experimented with it as a new user.
I can easily search for a street and plot a route to there, but I am unuble to search for a street number. The search function does not allow me to use a number.
I am using Western Cape map of South Africa on an iPad Pro 10.5

Some streets are quite long and I would prefer to be able to search for a number.

That sounds like a problem with your iPAD software, or with the tool used to convert the OSM map into a form suitable for that software, and is unlikely to be supported on this forum.

From where did you obtain the map data file that you are using? If it is actually one intended for Garmins, there is s specific forum on this board for Garmin map export tools.

Which app? for iPad. isn’t supported here.

for specific support, please use