Street names

For street name values, I have been using the English name to reflect the most common referral to the street (with the English and French street names under the multilingual name value), as the English-speaking population is a large majority. However the street signs are listed in both at once (ex: Rue Example St.), and apparently the wiki for the name value doesn’t mention this format.

Should I be putting exactly what’s on the street sign as the name value for these streets, or should I continue marking them in English?


How are the other streets in the town named?
In Brussel, also dubbele language, the full name is used.

In Ireland, most street name plates are bilingual. Some street name plates are antiquated and monolingual, even if bilingual names are available. Other places only have one name (often of Irish or French-via-English origin). However, the Irish language is dominant in only a small number of areas.

In English speaking areas.

In Irish speaking areas.

On street signs, all from my knowledge are formatted in the “Rue [Name] St.” style format since a few years ago. On the OSM map though, the naming is a little inconsistent, with many streets marked only in English and some only in French.

I checked out your Brussels suggestion, I think I will use that if there aren’t any new factors, thank you!

Hm. May actually use this, the region in which I live is pretty cleanly divided linguistically and the city I’m tagging is solidly in the English area so it may work well. Thank you!