Street Names in Salt Lake City Metro Area changesets by multiple users

Hello all! So I was looking at the greater SLC area on OSM for another project ( and noticed that the directionals on the street names seem to have been removed (e.g. Changeset: 139949072 | OpenStreetMap). Was this intentional by SLC-based mappers (I’m from South Dakota, but I have family in Utah)? It seems to me that this could lead to confusion, as some roads change addressing convention based on their direction (for instance there is both a South and a West Lower Wood Lane in Herriman, with the name change coming at a bend in the road). Don’t want to step on anyone’s toes here… thanks!

Update: I have seen the Utah naming conventions page: Utah/Naming Conventions - OpenStreetMap Wiki.

Feel free to ignore this, though I will put it’s a bit confusing to an out-of-stater, especially one who uses the directionals religiously.