Street name for roundabout ramp

When I search for “Christian Bjellands Gate” in organic maps, it varies if the actual road is selected, or just the roundabout on-off ramp. I have added a screenshot showing the latter behaviour.

This is not desirable. But the ways can not be merged, as they have different properties (one-way vs two-way). Is there a good solution to this? I would prefer the ramps having no street name, rather than getting varying and thereby sometimes wrong search results.

I’m encountering this quite often. Roundabout constructed breaking up residential ways. i.e. the on/off (oneway_type=roundabout_flare) still have the highway=residential qualification. StreetComplete e.g. will ask for a name. It does not for the junction=roundabout itself. At any rate often there’s still houses there that have the number for the named street, except now they border on the ramps. I’m leaning towards keeping the name on.


I think the tagging is fine, it’s the behaviour of the app that (if anything) needs changing.

I don’t know if organic maps uses nominatim for its search functionality, but if we search there we see all the results for this street are listed.

It would then be down to the data consumer (the app) to prioritise which result to show you. For example, they might prioritise based on the length of way, highway type, or whether or not it connects to a junction=roundabout etc. Or perhaps it should be able to determine that these ways are continuous and instead show you the whole length (or mid-point) of the road.


That sounds very reasonable. So ideally the app should be able to connect connected roads with the same name, and the OSM data is fine. Thanks for your replies!

That would be my suggestion for an improvement, yes.

You may wish to raise it as an issue (if it doesn’t already exist) on Organic Maps’ Github repo: Issues · organicmaps/organicmaps · GitHub

I wonder if the app is showing the nearest part of the street to your location?

Note that this affects a lot more than ramps. There are many reasons why a single named street may be split into multiple objects in the OSM data (e.g. changes in the number of lanes, different bus routes passing through parts of the street, etc etc).

I tried a few searches in Organic Maps myself for streets near me that have multiple segments. The search always took me to just one segment. It is not clear how it chooses which segment to show, but in the examples I tried, it always picked the segment including the closest point to my current location. However that could be just coincidence based on a small sample.

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Issue created here