Street Name Consistency

Hello, my name is Danielle, I work for KAART as a contributing editor for the OSM community. We update details such as street names, one-ways, classifications, destination signs, lanes, barriers, surface types, turn lanes, POI’s, missing and incorrect geometry and ref tags.

We recently completed a ground survey in November of 2019 for a portion of the city and have noticed that the streets with roman numeral intermittently switch to a numeric sequence and vice versa. For example, Jalan Malati I, Jalan Malati II, Jalan Malati 3. In instances such as this, we would greatly appreciate the communities feedback on how you would prefer to have these entered. We can enter these as seen on the sign or use only roman numerals for consistency. The footage recorded is in the process of being uploaded to mapillary as can be seen here:

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Please reference this source for editing highway in Indonesia and compare with "RTRW - Rencana Struktur Ruang Wilayah "(Spatial Structure Plan Map) - “Peta Sistem Jaringan Jalan” (Roads Network) document for editing classification and clarification about type highway in local area. Thanks