Street name called veien or vegen?


Sorry to write in English.

I had a question about not finding the address of a node in Nominatim:
So the addr:street tag on the node is Ringvegen but the name tag on the street is Ringveien. Because these do not match, Nominatim attaches another street to the address and it can not be found under Ringvegen.
Ringvegen seems to be the correct usage. Why is the street called Ringveien and can this be changed to Ringvegen?

The correct street name here is “Ringvegen”. Just change the name of the way in OSM.

Feel free to support this PR in Nominatim:

Or this issue:

Is it ok to do that for Nesseveien and Idrettsveien as well?

Address nodes are continuously imported from an official source - street names are not. Therefore the address node is almost always right. When in doubt, go to to check.

Sure. You may see the the correct street names using the “Kartverket Road Network” overlay/imagery, or by inspecting the address nodes.