Street Listings???

Hi there,
Can you help me? I am looking for a complete listing (on a csv file) of the streets in Belgium.

If you use this overpass, you’ll get the streets in the town (Leuven in my example) you list in the code.


For Leuven I got almost 28000 names back.
I wouldn’t try it for the whole country, possibly leading to memory problems.
Please note that you have to filter out all the duplicates yourself…
If a street has more than one (named) segment, you’ll get that name for every segment in the result.

Instead of code @marczoutendijk I propose to use this code in overpass:

[out:csv ("name")][timeout:2500];
for (t["name"])
  make street name=_.val;
Code above returns street names in Leuven also but each street name is listed only once. In this way for Leuven there is only 1101 street names instead 28000 :slight_smile:

Nice improvement, thanks!