(Street) Food Markets

How do you tag outdoor (street) food markets?

There is “amenity=food_court” which semantically is very close, but its description says “usually indoor” and I think it shows in Carto the same way as a building?

Maybe “amenity=food_court” + “outdoor=yes” and Carto should be edited so that is shows similarly as “amenity=marketplace” but with the food icon from “amenity=food_court”?

What do you think?


Can you post or link photo of one?

Sure, for instance:

As an ‘area’, the food market is also a marketplace, so I guess you could use ‘amenity=marketplace’ and individual vendors could use the ‘street_vendor=yes’ tag.
It says ‘Only those street vendors that appear consistently at the same location should be mapped’.


Wouldn’t ‘usually’ allows it to mean outdoors too? If indoors, then there’s probably a building polygon around it already.

amenity=foot_court is very close to these facilities. Wiki is a little bit restrictive in the way of indoor/outdoor. There are some open amusement parks with such areas. Or events, rock festivals, etc. which are held on an irregular basis. Another option is to map each vendor individually with amenity=fast_food. amenity=marketplace is a little bit misleading since no goods are sold there.

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Yes I agree that “amenity=marketplace” is not really true as these places are not really what you expect when you think of “market”.

They are food courts.

What I noticed is that ID automatically adds “building=yes” when adding an “amenity=foot_court”, and that might be the problem?

Is it a possibility to remove this default? And is it a possibility to change the wiki to describe both types?

What about using “outdoor=yes” (vs “indoor=yes” and/or “building=yes”) to differentiate the two?

About mapping the individual stands with “street_vendor=yes” or(/and?) “amenity=fast_food”, definitely! But I do think that in many cases the court/market itself has a name and a defined area and a website and I think people are thinking “let’s go to [food market/court]” rather than “let’s go to [specific food stand in the food market/court]”.


street_vendor=yes is a supplementary tag indicating that specific thing is a street vendor*. Otherwise how would you distinguish:

  • street vendor selling raw meat - shop=butcher street_vendor=yes
  • street vendor selling vegetables - shop=greengrocer street_vendor=yes
  • street vendor selling food ready to eat - amenity=fast_food street_vendor=yes
  • and so on, for almost all shop types and amenities

*present regularly at a specific position, not applicable to ones without specific location as these are not mappable, may work also for cases where specific location has a street vendor of a specific type but specific supplier changes

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