Street barrier

How to add a street barrier?
I mean something like this.

I think it is a bollard (row) :wink:

To henke54
Thanks henke54,
You may be right, I’m not a native English speaker. The whole purpose of my undertaking is to prevent misleading of taxi drivers. There are some taxi applications that use OSM as their map. Very often when I order a taxi, drivers do not find my address correctly as the system draws a wrong route for them.

I am also not ‘native speaking English’ :wink: . In OSM , they use words that sometimes in even English is ‘unusual’, and also even English translation of words is sometimes ‘unusual’ … for example the word bollard (here in this case) should actually be paal in Dutch(pole in English) , but also the Dutch have ‘invented’ a word for the ‘thing’ you showed , namely ; poller(unknown word for Flemish talking people :stuck_out_tongue: ) The Dutch wikipedians also make a distinction between poller and bolder .The Flemish rather use Bolloard or ‘similar’ in that case (comes from ‘pollard willow’), is from a willow in a polder . In many other languages is a ‘similar’ word for pole from the latin word Pālus , and not bollard or post … those English are sometimes a strange bunch :stuck_out_tongue:

In my language it’s even more complex :), but that doesn’t help me adding a bollard to the map. So any idea how to add one?

Where are you from , or could you point that place on OSM ?

I just don’t know how to get to that place where I have to type in =bollard, or whatever. What I’m doing is, I click on edit on top left, clicking on the street where that bollard is and try to find something like bollard on the left and could not find one so far.

I got it now, thanks!