Street and Township in OSM, but Searching for Both Finds Nothing?

Hi there,

I’m new to the whole OSM scene, but have been enjoying uploading GPX’s and mapping some of the smaller towns without much data. When I search though, I frequently get somewhat confusing results. For example:

  1. My street is already named and showing up in OSM.

  2. If I do a search for my township,state OSM finds it.

  3. If I do a search for street name, township,state OSM doesn’t find it. It also doesn’t suggest the location it shows when searching for township,state which it can find. (See point above)

Any idea why and how to fix it? I’ve read the Nomatim pages, but it’s still not really clear. Do I need to draw in an administrative boundary? I would have just expected searching street name,township,state to work given that the street is fairly close to the marked township centre. Does this sound like a tagging error to you, or a bug in Nomatim?