Hi, all,

my Eglish is very bad. So this translation is made with Deepl.

How can I map a stream that has dug itself very deep?
Best for mi is, to have an example somewhere on osm.
I use JOSM.

Thank you for your help.

Hi LeFagnard, what is the depth of your stream ? Very deep is the Grand Canyon or Gorge du Verdon (> 600 m) but if it is just a stream I could jump over it, is not it so ?
Otherwise use a measuring tool as an inch stick to determine the depth locally, just as you have found the stream locally outdoors. Or practical count the seconds while a stone falls into the stream and voila, the depth.

Hi Teek,
tnank you for your answer. Tahat are little streams, but the dephts should be from 3 Meters to about 5 meters and very steep slopes. Impossible to jump over and on longer distances difficult to cross.

That’s venturing into river classification.

That are not the little rivers but the sides of them who are 3 to 5 meters deep.
The rivers have dug into the surrounding geology.
That is what i ask to map.
Thank you

You could draw it as a valley or and with a ridge but for 3m??

What LeFagnard is describing definitely isn’t a valley if we’re only talking about a few metres. I would say natural=gully would fit better.