Stream culvert


I have a country stream that gets culverted underneath a residential estate.
I don’t know where the route of the underground section is, but I’d like to add a node to the end of the stream where it goes underground.

what’s the best description to use?

Dave F.

Just draw a straight line where the stream goes underground and where he comes back to the surface. Tag it as tunnel with layer=-1 and add a note that this is an estimation.

That’s half the problem. I don’t know if it does resurface. I think it might be adopted into the drainage system.
What I want is a tag for a point that has the graphic of a tunnel entrance.

Dave F.

There is no tag for this at the moment (so you might open a proposal for this). I’d continue drawing the way for a short distance underground (from what I can see if I look into the hole of the culvert), tag it as tunnel and put a note at the end-point to mark that I don’t know where this tunnel ends.

Thanks. I’ll do that.