Strava Routes Me Across an International Border....

… using a bridge and a tunnel that do not allow Cyclists / Pedestrians to cross.

Both are already marked as No to Cyclists and Pedestrians on OpenStreetMaps

When I asked Strava, they palmed me off here…

Is there a solution?


Stop using that app and start using another router than actually works? :slight_smile:

To be fair to Strava here, doing routing is actually quite hard, especially if you’re trying to offer routing from anywhere on the planet to anywhere else, and there are a bunch of implied rules that aren’t always in the underlying data (e.g. - you can’t cycle on most motorways, but you can on some in the USA). Getting that right is difficult (one of the third-party routers on gives me invalid pedestrian routing because it is hosted in Germany and has been told that German road rules apply across the planet, which of course they don’t). Elsewhere at someone who maintains a cycle router explains how and why it’ll route along some things in some countries and not in others (due in this case to OSM data quality, not road rules).

It sounds like you haven’t managed to progress at their helpdesk beyond someone who is just reading things off a script and doesn’t really know what OSM is. You can try and engage with them again (but again, to be fair to them - if you’re not a paying customer it’s not really in their interest to talk to you!).

Ultimately stuff does what it does. If you’re a paying customer of them you could threaten to take that money elsewhere. If you’re not, you don’t even have that sanction.

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So, do you know an app that I can say to “Hey, I’m starting at X… Map me a 50 km route that will bring me back to X” ?

Because Strava is the only one I’ve found that comes even close to doing that.

It should not be that hard to tell ANY such routing service “Don’t cross international borders”.

Can you see when the relevant access tags were added in OpenStreetmap? (If you can’t see how to find that information, you could post a link to the location here). If the tags were added relatively recently, it is possible that Strava has not yet updated their data. But of course it’s also possible, as SomeoneElse said, that the router is not interpreting the tags they way you would want them to.

I’ve just asked on IRC and someone suggests That doesn’t cover everywhere in the world, but might work for you.

Yep, will do it (disclaimer - my site!):

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your start point (either type a place or click on the map)
  3. Click “Suggest a ride”
  4. You can drag the slider to make the ride longer or shorter
  5. Click the one you’d like to do

It does try to avoid international borders but in certain places, particularly around the US/Mexico border, it won’t always succeed - essentially in any area with few paved, quiet roads it’ll struggle.