Strava (Mapbox) renders Mobile Home Parks prominently

Strava recently updated their maps to use the most recent Mapbox maps. This might have to do with Mapbox or specifically Strava, I don’t know.

It appears that mobile home parks/trailer parks have their names rendered with almost the same prominence as large cities.

An example of one of the trailer parks is,
The only tags on this area are name, landuse, and place. Since it is place=neighborhood, I would think that it would render rather insubstantially, if at all.

Consider in contrast a neighborhood,
This has the exact same tags and is about the same size, but does not have its name rendered at all on Strava’s map.

This makes it seem like they don’t consider they don’t use OpenStreetMap at all for rendering places. But,
Is a building where I had accidentally merged a hamlet node and a post office building together. Strava displays the name of the location as “Pleasant Valley;Pleasant Valley Post Office”, which is obviously from my incorrect version.

I’m curious if anyone knows why the trailer park names are displayed so large on Strava’s map, because there does not seem to be any logic behind it on the OpenStreetMap tags. It seems like the map is relatively up to date with updates from OSM.