Strange things happening?

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using OpenStreetMap for a long time, however only today i decided to sign up and volunteer my time to help. I noticed that the beach in Portsmouth, UK was quite inaccurate so decided to edit it. All is perfectly well, however at different zoom levels it to be jagged and incorrect. Any help?

Here is how it looks:

Here is how it looks when I zoom in (it should always look this way)

Here is how it looks in edit view (again, there are no problems)

I have also noticed one other thing. I added some pathways to my local park. Again, some zoom levels show what it should look like, and other show it how it was before. Any help?

Here is the photo after I edited -

Here is the photo after I edited but zoomed in -

Hi and welcome to Openstreetmap.

It takes a while for changes to be re-rendered and the rendering takes place at each zoom level. Usually the changes like your new paths can be seen almost straight away but they do sometimes take a day or so to appear at all levels. Changes to the coast line are a different matter, as the whole thing has to be done its not re-rendered very often. It might take a month for the coast to again look Ok through all zoom levels. Keep an eye on it though.
Regards Bernard

Great, thanks for your help! As i said, it all looks fine in ‘edit view’ so I’m glad it’s not a mistake on my part.

Thanks you very much for your help, it’s greatly appreciated.

Also, you can update your browser cache by hitting F5.
Scroll to the desired location, click on the perma-link and then F5.


Can I do this on a Mac?

That depends on what browser you are using, but it should be possible. You might need to press Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5 to force it to clear the cache.